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Kylie standing by her Queen, nice loyalty!

In the immortal words of Madonna on Ellen...Nice Ass

Loving the t-shirt Madonna is wearing in the second picture too. She looks like she's having a blast in South America which is great to see
Yeah she is absolutely buzzing it is brilliant....its an energy display i feel we have so missed

And tbh anyone against Madonna is like sendng a lamb to the slaughter....expect to lose


And totally...anyways on the main thread discussing where Madonna can go next with her music hense her recording new material etc.

I said ideas about her fusing we have oft discussed on here like the fusion of Old SKool Motown/R&B grooves/melancholy meets Alternative Dance meets Power/Stadium Rock sounds to give a real powerful erethral sound and also moving the wheel into another direction.

And also i mentioned ideas of her incorporating cartoon/comic book aspects into her work next maybe...we have seen so much fan art based upon these ideas this year and on SUPERSTAR she herself has utilised the winner Siss artwork based on Wonder Woman/Warhol and her Wild is a definite quirky angle to base the next era i reckon and so much can be had with it.

Identities (Alter-egos) Comic spins on reality, Action/Intensity, madness, eccentricity (ala Anime quirkiness)

Madonna is geeky so it would be so cool of an angle to go next
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