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Wondered if anyone else has seen this and what they thought of it.

I bought it sight unseen and didn't know what to expect - and it turned out to be a surprisingly good little movie.

Story concerns a young girl who lives with her father in a place in New Orleans known as the 'Bathtub', because it was built on the wrong side of the levee's. The small community live in shacks, the girls father is ill and her mother died when she was young, and the story is told through the eyes of the child, who views her environment as place of magic and wonder, but is also aware of the dangers.

When it becomes apparent that the father is probably dying, the child takes it in her stride, and the father shows some tough love towards the daughter in order to prepare her for the real world after he has gone.

The community becomes devastated and separated after a storm and flooding, and the film shows how the community pull together to pick up the pieces.

The acting is extraordinary considering the case are all non-actors, particulary Quvenzahane Wallis as the little girl Hushpuppy, and Dwight Henry as the father.

There is a slight fantasy edge to the movie, with Hushpuppy imagining mythical, boar-like beasts called Aurochs continually attacking their 'village'.

An interesting, magical, uplifting and emotional little movie.
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