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For those who need their fix every episode of The Chunkies Last Chance is being repeated on Bio from 8.00 am on December 31st!
Yay! I'm not going out this year so I might just settle down and have a Chawner night equipped with the essential Chawner survival kit of: pies, sausages, oven chips, cheese (big Audrey sized blocks, preferably buy one get one free), lucozade, full sugar pop and sambucca! (but no pears as we know how Aud feels about them)

I'll have to remember though to put food in a bowl though and hold it as close to my mouth as possible - eating Audrey style! Then I might have a fart as I'm going upstairs just to finish the night off in style

They are not well liked in Great Harwood at all. We were there for a funeral and the wake was held in a pub on their road. That's where I was told about their daily drives to the pie shop. Apparently they act as though they are A listers and anybody that doesn't treat them as such is just jealous.

I'm gutted that I never saw their televisual treats, but each time I go to Great Harwood I hope for a glimpse of them. So far no joy.
You really couldn't make them up!
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