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There are strong rumours doing the rounds that she is going to be working with Stuart Price again. Someone on the popjustice forum who knew lyrics from HC songs before it was released, has out takes and unreleased photos and mentioned about revolver first has said she is teaming up with a legendary producer and Stuart Price again. It's all rumour but at least its a rumour from someone who has a past track record of being spot on. I think she will hot the studio anytime from about Apr-May and hopefully it will be finished for a late 2013 eraly 2014 release and hopefully she will promote it before touring again
I do love the idea of Madonna reuniting with Suart Price again though...i mean he was in her band in the Drowned World Era and of course she pushed him to grow and grow right on through the Confessions era and of course is established through his remix aliases and has since worked with The Killers, Brandon Flowers, Kylie, Scissor Sisters, gaga, and Take That and now i feel he may need to be pushed again and vice versa...i think they were an insane duo

It is all speculation but this is pretty exciting and am hoping they both work on the Alternative Dance aspect...would be so epic!

And there was speculation Madonna will hit the studio Spring 2013 to officially start recording album 13....all is epic cannot wait for the stuff to start....hopefully for photo teasers and stuff to tide us over
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