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Just had a read of Phil's Twitter account - have to say, it makes comical viewing!

The first post (which is clearly from where his account has come under attack from one of those spam viruses) says 'Lose weight, burn the fat off your belly, no diet changes and no exercise' - it could quite easily be a Chawner post though - Lose weight the Chawner way - Make minimal lifestyle changes, and don't worry if you don't lose anything or put it all back on after a month, because let's face it, you can't control your genetic make-up, so if it doesn't work it's not your fault.

The second post of note is one where Phil takes it upon himself to criticise a group of people who appear to have been featured on some kind of weight loss segment on 'This Morning' to which Phil writes 'We all think it is really disgusting has none of them have lost no weight'

Because of course, the Chawners are in such a strong position to comment on this, after all, they're a shining example of weight loss and healthy living....or did I miss something?
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