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Madonna should always be compared to her contemporaries....but thats the many of her contemporaries have either fallen by the wayside and become lesser known and/or sadly have been lost (Whitney, MJ) so the only place to compare are the most "successful" contemporaries of todays Pop lot.

But tbh i think it is actually to the benefit of gaga having Madonna mentioned in the same sentence as it really shows how ahead gaga is of the current Pop Bunch yet at the same point Madonna to how promonent she is the past year despite minimal promo (name alone only) and how many records she has set and broken already....not only that but what a phenomenal show the MDNA tour has been and with two weeks left until its the end of an era we look to the future

Next year looks set to be very ARTPOP, RIhanna Diamonds Tour, Katy Perry Album 3 focused in Pop music so Madonna can pull away and focus on new material for 2014 and take over then

Will be interesting But damn i am so proud of Madonna still raking everyone in and putting on such a sublime show and setting new records for everyone to follow.

But yes i second that, about time Madonna was spoken in legacy terms....but like papers Stateside has said...Madonna will always be Madonna...she is 54 and putting on high energy, detailed, conceptualised pieces of art around the world and wowing everyone like she did 10, 20, 25 years ago....whereas Elvis in his late 30s lost it, her contemporaries, as i say, look what happened there....but Madonna...4th decade in....still here Im so proud and cannot wait for her to change the wheel again for album 13

Bring. It.ON!
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