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It is unfair but this is what it i said 2013 is gonna be a real teller..i mean Rihanna is on her first tour since her name elevated etc. so tht will be telling as to whether she is ahead of her contemporaries...but the arguement is still the same Madonna can only be "compared" to whoever is hot right now because none of her contemporaries can slot next to her anymore....its unjust but that is where this stems from.

But i feel with album 13 truly she will change the wheel more and go for a different direction to really showcase this is MADONNA

Anyways...found this article from July....for those whom feel like a read can but its a truly ingenius article about Madonna and ageism and the fact that in reality it is not an is a part of Madonnas story to be told forevermore...

Interestingly i never ever associate age with Madonna...ever! To me....and i feel many others she has this timeless vibe about her, she has so much visceral energy and spirituality that i find so inspiring and commandable....especially when you see others who are/were her age and younger never achieve the amount of energy M displays its truly fantastic

And i just cannot wait to see and hear where she will take us next.
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