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Geri wrote Stop, a lot of the lyrics for Too Much, she wrote most of 2 become 1 with producers Stannard and Rowe about her relationship with Matt (Rowe)..

She is a brilliant pop lyricist in my opinion.

"Love is blind/ as far as the eye can see/ deep and meaningless words to me....What part of 'no' don't you understand? I want a man not a boy who thinks he can."

"I like chocolate and controversy/ he likes Friday's and bad company... Just a bad case of Opposite Sex/ have to look to the stars/ all we need is a little respect/ because men are from Venus/ and girls are from mars! Bag it up/ don't drop the baby/ boot him out/ no buts or or maybes/ wind him up/ and make him crazy/ woah woah woah woah Lady!"

"Lonely hearts are welcome here/ take my hand let's disappear/ serenity is almost here oh God... Gimme some gimme some gasoline/ tell me what you want/ know what I mean and scream if you wanna go faster baby/ scream if you wanna go faster. Gimme some gimme some sweet F.A/ have a nice day as Americans say and scream if you wanna go faster baby/ scream if you wanna go faster"

And of course her pièce de résistance:

"You're a DJ, I'm a song, take me out and turn me on."
Oh yeah....genius.

What, like them singing in tune?
Not without the autotune.
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