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The 50 years comment is probably not realistic. Just a way of status his A list status is set in stone.

Green Goblin - just doing a bit of googling, if that refers to 2002 he's hardly mega-A list!
That's how I read it too - not that he could live another fifity years, but that even if he did etc etc.

I know all blind sites are trading in rumour and often unfounded gossip, but I've found agc to be a bit more accurate than most. They source their blinds from many different sites and then only seem to publish the ones they know they can make a reasonable stab with. I don't know - maybe I'm giving them too much credit! But they were posting loads of blinds about Mr Sofa Jumper and wife in the last two years that many others were disregarding as 'rubbish', only to have most of them proved right this summer, so I tend to use agc as my 'go to' site for finding lots of blinds from lots of other sites all in the same place (and they do include the odd British one too, but most of them are from the US and I don't know who half of them are about anyway ),
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