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From CDAN:

He Is Going Downhill Fast

This actor is A list and always will be. If he lives for 50 more years and never makes another movie he would be A list. Academy Award winner/nominee? Absolutely. A list name recognition? Definitely. Strangest actor around right now? Oh yeah. Our actor rarely showers. The only time he showers is when he is making a movie and then only every few days. He has turned into the laziest person in the world. Meals are brought to him. Many different meals that he takes a bite from each. He is not a glutton. Weight gain is not an issue. Sex? Umm, he is not doing the work but he calls over women who are willing to do the work for him. That is of course if they can get over the smell of a guy who has not showered in a week and has food all over his clothes or drinks. He loves to drink. Like a fish.

Then he likes to get up and do scenes from his performances and makes the people in the room watch. He gets confused and mixes up lines from different roles and refuses to do a couple of the roles and gets very angry if people ask. He is a very angry guy and will throw things and yell and scream and the name calling is out of control. Ditto with any kind of slur that he can think of. He then forgets he did it or pretends he does not remember and returns to normal a few hours later. It is probably Alzheimer's or the beginning stages of it but he refuses to go to a doctor.
The Australian gladiator???
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