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Dancefan8001 we don't name celebrities on this thread as in the past it has closed this thread down, especially if its in relation to 'spurious' allegations. Criptic clues have always been given rather than naming them directly. I take some of the blinds on here with a pinch of salt but half of the fun (for me anyway) is in the guessing.

This is one of my favourite threads and the last thing I want to see is this thread taken down again like what happened last year.
Ooops, sorry, I didn't know that! I'll not mention names again.

I got the impression that the only reason early Alzheimer's was mentioned in the clue was that the actor sometimes mixed up his lines when recreating performances for friends and seemed to forget about it later, but it sounds like the blind refers to someone young enough to be able to live 50 more years, which does fit someone who just turned 38.

Beach pix from July show a little softness around the belly but not much of a weight issue (to my eye anyway), and he reportedly spent $3 million on champagne on his birthday a few weeks ago.

Just yesterday he was quoted telling CNN the role he was proudest of--portraying Howard Hughes in the Aviator, which he says he developed over eight years--so it does sound to me that he might be fond of reprising dialogue from that movie. I think he fits the blind to a T.

Let me know if the above isn't permissible here and I'll edit/delete it right away.
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