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From CDAN:

Under Her Thumb

This actress is A list. All movies. Nothing on television. She is in a relationship with this A list all movies actor who has had some health problems, but a lot of them can be attributed to what she does to him. There is the sedatives she gives him almost constantly to keep him quiet and asleep. She has been having two affairs and invites the men over to the marital home and has sex with them while her significant other is passed out. She is also systematically looting all of the accounts she can find in his name and converting them to her own name under a power of attorney he signed while under the influence of the drugs she gives him. The drugs are a combination of whatever drugs she has her assistant procure from various doctor and also the non-medical community.

The only time our actor is not sedated is when he has an appearance or a red carpet event and she has someone watching him at all times and has him brought back home immediately after. She rarely attends these events with him anymore because she can't stand him and has told her assistant that if she could get away with it, she would kill the actor just so she could move on with her life.
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