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It goes without saying this is all my opinion, right?
Right. Seriously though, it's embarrassing to admit this, but I used the wrong smiley (should be , not ) so my response came across as snarky, which wasn't my intention. I'm sorry.

Thanks for the list of home invasion movies, I do like this genre. Will watch out for a couple of the ones I haven't seen. Didn't like Panic Room, though (not up to Fincher's usual standard), haven't seen the original Funny Games but I saw the American one with Tim Roth, hated that too (found the playing around with the structure of the film pretentious)

Some others include Mother's Day with Rebecca De Mornay (done by the Saw guys, so quite nasty) and both Last Houses on the Left. I may be one of the few people who enjoyed the remake. A highly unpleasant Italian one, House on the Edge of the Park, which I've never had the balls to watch. A recent Spanish film on the same theme, Kidnapped, has garnered good reviews but there doesn't seem to have been a UK release as yet...
I found Panic Room generic but fun. Thought the original Funny Games was meh. I won't watch Mother's Day because I heard the level and volume of violence against a person are similar to those in The Girl Next Door, Angst and Concrete (a.k.a. The Girl in the Concrete), the three films I wouldn't want to watch again. I rather avoid similar films as I'm not into torture porn. Haven't seen House on the Edge of the Park and Kidnapped. Found High Tension disappointing. I plan to watch The Perfect Host and Kidnapped some day.

I liked those films:
Dream Home (am not keen on Josie Ho, but she was good in here; crazily violent but the film's take on Hong Kong's housing problem saved the film)
Desperate Hours (and its surprisingly good remake with Mickey Rourke in the Bogart role)
3-Iron (definitely not horror/suspense, though)
Wait Until Dark
Vengeance is Mine
Midnight FM (I dislike the first ten minutes which I'd describe as a tribute to Taxi Driver and I found the ending rather weak, but the middle was great).

I can't decide whether to put The Pact on that list. It's on the list if it's qualified.
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