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Daniel Pearson who plays Rick appeared on the first episode of Friday Download as a presenter two weeks ago (Series 4). The current series which is airing on Fridays (as Tyger was away). He revealed a short sneek peek of "The Dumping Ground"

For anyone who missed it, here it is! (3:35)

Turns out Frank is in this spin off afterall but sadly I don't think Sapphire will be appearing.

Synopsis for the first episode:

The Dumping Ground descends into anarchy when Mike goes on holiday and Gina ends up in hospital after an accident with a grenade. The Young People struggle to cope and start to turn on each other after taking the decision to try and fend for themselves.

I believe it'll be a double episode.
Ah! Just like they did with all three series of TBR! Sounds interesing! Should be a good episode!
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