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My film of 2012. I saw the trailer twice before seeing the film and the first time I got the impression it was a serious film so the second time I saw it, the rom com element that hit me came as a bit of a surprise. I would say it's a blend of both- the second half leaning heavily on the rom more than com.

Having previously only seen JL in THG which I didn't really "get" I was dubious about her but her portrayal of a feisty, vulnerable character was believable and moved me more than BC's. Anyone with any mental health issues shouldn't have an issue with the way the subject was dealt with although I don't think the film breaks any boundaries when it comes to helping people without understand.
I was unsure how the film was going to end having not quite got it to be rom or serious and thought at one point the tears I had at the end of the film were going to be for a different reason. I would advise anyone to go into it with little ide of a plot as possible.
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