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Demi: She's ok. I tend to find most of her comments rambling and unconstructive, though. I still don't know what she brought to the panel; the kiddy market doesn't seem valuable to the US networks, and it doesn't make 100% sense to have someone just out of her teens mentor young adults.

Britney: I love her, but I think she is suffering from raised expectations from the audience. The audience, based on the comments pre-auditions, wanted a trainwreck on Live TV, but they haven't got that. Britney has always been praised as Professional throughout her career, and that is how I have seen her on the show. She showed plenty of personality in the auditions, and even in the Live Shows, she just isn't making herself the centre of attention because the contestants are. I said in another similar thread, what are people expecting from her? For her to randomly shave her head, dance with a snake, kiss Demi, or beat Simon with an Umbrella? The auditions peaked the viewers who were curious, and then they faded because Britney was capable. She doesn't suffer fools and that has been reflected in her comments. They're on point, contructive (mostly), and delivered simply. I feel she is a good judge; she could ramble on and on and say nothing (like Demi, at times) but she doesn't.
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