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Squeaky bum time for the Beeb with EE failing to set the world alight still. Corrie not doing much better, but it's EE that has to fight Downton and give the Royles a platform.

That news bulletin may have a bigger role to play this year than EE itself.

EE needs lift off this Friday when I believe the festive fun starts. That it is Mad Friday probably won't help its cause (I don't think Gala Bingo do Mad Friday so Corrie should be unaffected)
It all makes sense Robbie. The BBC, for the first time in years, seem to realise that the battle of Christmas Day is likely not to be won entirely by them. So, rather than really fight they made some basic idents in order to save money on images that people wouldn't be watching! (Even though I like the idents).

I think EE will do just fine against DA. I think CTM will do just fine against Corrie. It will be a close contest this year, but Christmas will be the more interesting for it!
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