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Personally, I think Call the Midwife will win Christmas Day. But, obviously, it's figure will be much deflated with the Corrie clash. Without out i reckon it could of got 11m in overnights.

These are my early Xmas Day overnight predictions:

Doctor Who 8.2m
Strictly 8.9m
CTM 9.6m
EE 9.3m
Royle Family 8.9m

Emmerdale 5.5m
Paul O'Grady 4.3m
Emmerdale 6.8m
Corrie 8m
Downton 9.2m

I posted mine nearly a fortnight ago....

I said then that SCD could well get top overnight. Downton will win overall though,again.
Strictly is one that can't be ruled out. Lesser competition this year so could be a surprise winner. Still think ronant has EastEnders too high and Midwife too low. Just feel CTM will get over 10m on the day.
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