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Showtime had a big night on Sunday with Dexter and Homeland. The premium cable network is available in 21.3m US homes, 19% of the total Nielsen universe.

While 18-49 ratings don't matter to premium networks, Dexter did a 1.4 rating which was the #2 show on US cable for the whole night, quite remarkable given the lower penetration of the network. The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo topped the night with a 1.9

Press Release:


The Dexter Season 7 Finale Now Ranks As The Top Rated
SHOWTIME® Original Series In Network History

The season finales of Dexter and Homeland last night outperformed their record breaking ratings from last week, to deliver both series' highest-rated nights ever.

Breaking last week’s record, the Dexter season seven finale now ranks as the highest-rated episode ever for a SHOWTIME original series. DEXTER delivered 2.75 million viewers at 9 p.m., and garnered the best total night delivery ever for a SHOWTIME series with 3.43 million total viewers for the night. Sunday’s finale was up 14 percent from the season seven premiere (vs. 2.4 million) and up 23 percent versus the season 6 finale (vs. 2.2 million, 12/18/11). For the night, the finale was up 26 percent from the season six finale (vs. 2.7 million). Season-to-date, the seventh season of DEXTER is averaging 6.1 million total weekly viewers across platforms, its highest rated season ever, and up 12 percent above its prior season through the same time frame.

With its highest-rated night ever, Homeland’s season two finale delivered 2.7 million viewers for the night, surpassing last week’s total (2.6 million) as the best total night delivery ever for the series and up 31 percent from its season 2 premiere night (vs. 2.1 million). At 10 p.m. the finale garnered 2.3 million viewers, up 32 percent versus the season two premiere (vs. 1.7 million). Season-to-date, the second season of Homeland is averaging 5.9 million total weekly viewers across platforms, up 37 percent above its freshman season and now ranks as the network’s second highest rated series
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