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Also it's airing an hour earlier this year with live shows at 6.15pm and results at 8.30pm for the first two weeks.
That scheduling will definitely help Dancing On Ice plus it has no real competition.

Absolutely no chance thanks to stupid C4 schedulers putting it at 8pm against the second half of Corrie and the last ever Merlin. Had they rejigged their schedules and put it at 6.30pm it would probably have done signicantly better.

We've said it millions of times before but Jay Hunt doesn't have a clue when it comes to C4 - and scheduling has let so many shows down over the last year or two. She's scheduling big shows in the same way she'd schedule them if they were on BBC1 - when in reality C4 scheduling has always had to be smarter than that and take it's chances at points where BBC1 and ITV1 are usually weak.
Channel 4 must be pissing away so much money with shit scheduling. Great consolidated figures but low live audiences and live is where the money is made. What an idiot.

I'd guess that's just a typo - it's still showing on Digiguide for the 6th and I'm sure those schedules are locked in now.
Certainly looks like it was a mistake.
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