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Jay Hunt has made no significant impact on channel four's schedule, I'm doubting now if she is all that talented, she comes across on the surface as a devisive figure who seems to be either liked or disliked, she didnt make much of her period at the helm of BBC One and Adrian Chiles seemed to loathe her, she was unable to keep hold of the grinning Bleakley who was considered a BBC face at that time, and I think Victoria Wood also was bumped to a lesser Christmas Eve slot during Hunt's reign and Wood complained she wasn't treated with much care by the BBC to the Guardian by faceless women in suits. I'm not suggesting these were actually bad decisions because perhaps she was thinking of the programmes but she didn't seem to handle people very wisely at BBC One, ie CountryFile Miriam O'reilly and Strictly Arlene Phillips. Does she really have any instinct?
One of C4's biggest problems now is it hasn't really got any out and out stars other than it's dozens of lifestyle show presenters and Alan Carr - and that's because it hasn't really got any hit comedy or entertainment formats and is now severly lacking in the drama department to. The first couple of weeks of January used to see a really strong slate of drama at 10pm - but it's the same old filler light weight documentaries filling the slot in 2013.

It really annoys me when people moan that Big Brother killed C4 - I've always felt Big Brother allowed C4 to be C4 and throughout it's decade on air it had a pretty decent mix of drama, comedy and entertainment alongside a very strong slate of factual content and original lifestyle programming and factual entertainment. Since axing Big Brother C4 is in very short supply of all of the above and seems to be sitting in the bland waters between it's traditional populist and worthier stuff, resulting in schedules full of shows which aren't popular and aren't worthy.
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