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But by saying "I don't think she's made a mistake at all", does that not imply that you think she did this deliberately and with malice ?

Believe me, I fully support people taking responsibility for their own actions. The culture of blame in this country is almost as bad as the US where it's invariably always someone else's fault.

I do, however, think the malice in this particular issue has come from The Sun and not Helen Flanagan.
I think any sensible person would see through what the Sun is trying to do but even if HF didn't intend malice she still comes across as one of the most thoughtless and insensitive idiots ever and should be made aware of her stupidity. Obviously a catbox liner like the Sun is not an outlet which has any right to take moral highground over anything, but if a few people on the internet have a go at morons like HF maybe it might make anyone else think twice in the future. At least, I can dream.
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