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Appear current but be despised? Makes no sense
Column inches are column inches. Makes no odds to some wannabes if they are despised.They don't all want to be loved,just talked about will suffice for them.Witness the delightful nonentity that is Kenneth Tong spewing trash about dead celebrity babies. Liking doesn't matter to their ilk.

Yes she is.

Which it is ..

Because sometimes, stupid people do stupid things.

Yes, because she's so "savvy", she decided in advance she wanted to be hated ..
Gosh ,eye-rolling at my opinion. How mature. I'm truly devastated.
I shall resist responding pretentiously item by item.
People can be stupid but savvy & Miss Flanagan knew what she was doing. She got mentions in papers ,interviews,column inches & a thread dedicated to talking about her on DS (and I daresay on other forums) & in her world that is what matters.......job done.
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