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Helen is not as dopey as she pretends to be. Her apologists are saying it was an old picture. Maybe so,but why did she post it just now ? Column inches & anything to appear 'current' . Stupid behaviour ,but from a savvy fame-grabber who knew just what she was doing.
She's already said she posted it whilst she was drunk/hungover. If she was a true headline grabber - she wouldn't have taken the picture down as quick as she did.

She's apologised.

And I've said this in another thread - I could direct people to at least a dozen pictures of celebrities posing in a provocative way with a gun which must (at some point in time - somewhere in the world) have been equally as distressing.

I think she was silly to post the picture but she has apologised. And to me - the media re-hashing the picture are more to blame for any extended distress.
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