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What a bucket of complete ~~~~ this is ....... sorry.

I,m not a prude but did we have to have

F### this,

F### That or

F### the other....... ON CHRISTMAS EVE ?

I'm not a theologian but jeez this crap comes from one of the largest Chatholic country's in Europe..."hey guys its YOUR day"

I hasten to add and can actually swear with the best of us but what on earth was the point of having this dirge on, then going all sanctimonious and having Midnight Mass...!

Bizarre !

Its just isnt funny , i'm lost as to what the audience were howling at ..

A far cry from real humour AKA Blackadder.............
Totally agree. I'm not against swearing when it's used for comedic effect, but simply saying f*** this and f*** that is completely unfunny. Profanity can be hilarious depending on the context, but the word "f***" is never funny simply used on its own. As the poster suggests, there's just no comparison with the likes of Blackadder and other truly golden comedies.

And for those who say "don't watch" we need to watch in order to form an opinion and, if we don't like it, then it's perfectly acceptable to say so.
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