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Wow, so now your saying that everyone who likes MBB must have a lower IQ than you?

I'm 24, I love Fawlty Towers, I love Allo,Allo, I love Only Fools and Horses etc..etc.. (the older comedies) but wait a minute, I also love Mrs Browns Boys #shockhorror

How old are your kids? MBB was on at like 10:15pm wasn't it? At that time you should know that anything goes for TV regarding content. OldBoy was on at 11:10pm last night on Christmas Day on Film4 yet I don't see you going about the content in that. (Great film, not bashing it).

It just seems that you don't like the show and are just constantly bashing it and looking down on people who do watch it and enjoy it. We get it, you don't like it, BBC aren't forcing you to watch it.

Eurostar raises the best point, it's not the whole cast that are swearing, just Agnes, it's part of the character.
And if you listen carefully, the younger cast members like Buster, Dermot and Maria never use even the mildest of swear words, not even when they're angry or having a row, so the script is quite intelligent in that regard.
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