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What a bucket of complete ~~~~ this is ....... sorry.

I,m not a prude but did we have to have

F### this,

F### That or

F### the other....... ON CHRISTMAS EVE ?

I'm not a theologian but jeez this crap comes from one of the largest Chatholic country's in Europe..."hey guys its YOUR day"

I hasten to add and can actually swear with the best of us but what on earth was the point of having this dirge on, then going all sanctimonious and having Midnight Mass...!

Bizarre !

Its just isnt funny , i'm lost as to what the audience were howling at ..

A far cry from real humour AKA Blackadder.............

Yawn. . . . .

Why do people moan and bitch because of a date of something broadcast and its content? Christmas Eve has zero to do with it! Its so childish.

You hear the warning before it goes out, contains strong language and ADULT humor.
And he fact that over 8m watched it, says alot!
Don't like then your fault for putting it on as, the rest of us loved it!

Personally, i loved the two Christmas episodes with only one wish and that being it was closer to the stage show that really has its balls out and made me laugh so hard i had pain in my ribs and stomach for 2 days after.
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