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That's the thing, though, I've never seen any kind of 3D film.

I gather some people have problems watching in 3D (nausea etc) so I don't know if I'm likely to find it uncomfortable. In which case, does the HFR increase or lessen the discomfort?

My eyesight isn't what it was and I have to use specs for reading and close-up stuff - I don't know if that's relevant.
HFR supposedly reduces the nauseating effect of 3D, but it also supposedly makes it look like a TV show and shows up the fact it's studio based...

If you're blind in one eye 3D won't work, which is something you might have to bear in mind. I have a lazy eye and cataracts, but 3D TVs still work for me (never done it at the cinema, I didn't wanna waste 15 to discover it wouldn't), so the eyesight issues, assuming they're not too severe shouldn't be a problem.
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