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I agree because 1978 does always seem to be a regular and particular favourite on retro chart shows such as Pick Of The Pops and Smooth's Double Top Twenty, both which I listen to. Darts, who we have just seen with their debut late 1977 hit on TOTP 1977 were probably the unluckiest group of 1978 in chart statistical terms, reaching No2 with each of their three consecutive releases throughout the year and never achieving a chart topping single.
Darts were part of a big fifties revival that would continue into the eighties, much of it inspired by Grease, which came out that year( although I think they were more talented than John Travolta).
Also you had the second generation of punk, the rumblings of a mod revival started by The Jam, the height of the disco scene and also the Rolling Stones cashing in on this scene with Miss You. Not as well known, that popular staple of music shows in the early and mid seventies, The New Seekers, had their last chart hit in 1978 with a more edgy song called Anthem.
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