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Great that today Kate Bush has been given the CBE ,It's going to be great to see the Debut of kate to top of the pops in 1978 In Digital quality in a few weeks time
You beat me to it Darnall! I agree, fantastic news, but I would have liked her to have been made a Dame. I think the CBE is the next honour down. I wonder if it might give a slight bump to her record sales?

Mind you, with honours being thrown around like confetti nowadays to anyone in sport who achieves, getting something 5 minutes later (unlike England's 1966 team!) I should think it is soon going to be more prestigious NOT to have been given any kind of gong!

But Kate Bush is a true deserving case. Maybe she has been secretly giving to charity or some other selfless act? They seem rarely to give them to musicians just for musical aptitude alone in so many cases.

I also love the fact that Bowie always refuses the lot!
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