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This is a movie I would like to see. But according to the hype it was going to have the same level of impact as The Matrix or Inception, but doesn't seem to have achieved that. Which doesn't necessarily mean it isn't a good movie of course.
I think the Matrix quote was an attempt to hype the film up, because it's indie sci-fi

Looper was an indie film, so didn't quite have the same reach as Inception and The Matrix (both distributed by Warners).

Also, Looper didn't have a big marketing push, a few ads in the Guardian was all I saw. (Though I already planned to see it because of good buzz on RT).

I think Looper may eventually become a cult success, but it probably won't ever reach Inception/Matrix levels....

I did really enjoy, and I'd watch before somebody spoils the (I though) fairly surprising ending...
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