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I have just purchased the 25th anniversary DVD (which Samantha Barks was in) so will give that a watch soon, looking forward to it!

Is Eponine's death actually in 'A little fall of rain' (in the movie, for those who have seen it)? Or after? It seems things have been shifted around (judging by the soundtrack).
Surely it has to be in A Little Fall of Rain, she dies during the song, it's part of the score and i don't see how the song would work otherwise.


chrono88, you're the first person I've heard call Anne Hathaway weak, but each to their own of course I'm interested to see how IDAD is staged seeing as it sounds so different from the way it's usually belted onstage. I don't think the more raw vocal is a bad thing at all, in fact I'd have been disappointed with a load of perfect, autotuned voices belting out the big songs, as the point of the film is getting to explore emotions and story to an extent that's simply not possible onstage.
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