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I would hope that at one point they revisit some of the characters that left in the previous series, Liam in particular.

CBBC need a ratings hit, this could be it.
Unfortunately, I don't think Liam will be returning. I do they revisit at least some of the past characters though. I'm sure the ratings will be good, although I've noticed that there are people on twitter complaining that this spin off won't be as good as The Story Of Tracy Beaker or Tracy Beaker Returns. Although I miss Dani and I'm sad that she's no longer playing the role of Tracy, I'm still interested to see how it goes, the show has really good actors and I'm sure they'll do a good job as more come and go (depending on how long it'll run). I personally think those people complaining should at least give the show a chance and see it for themselves before ranting on about how bad it will be without Tracy.

I can't wait for Friday! Just a few days to go!
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