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Sorry, American's didn't exactly love this movie. It made about 18 million in America opening day and was behind 2 other movies. The complaint appears to be the fact they didn't use actors who could really do justice to singing the songs. It is a musical that was turned into a movie and the songs are an iconic part. Maybe the singing is just a personal preference, but movies here get one maybe 2 weekends to make back their money, if this doesn't do it, doesn't matter how good Anne acted, the movie will be considered a flop.
theaters have been packing them in! Just saw it today and loved it.

My only petite gripe, is Helena Bonham Carter, now I've enjoyed her for years going back to A Room with a View. but I kept expecting to see Johnny Depp appear appear somewhere, and I swear some parts with she and SBC seemed almost too Sweeney Todd'ish to me (why I surmise I was looking for Depp).

Never saw the stage version so really had nothing to compare it to. I didnt think Russell Crowe's singing was 'so' bad, it wasn't great, but he got his point across,
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