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I don't see why acting and vocal abilities cannot co-exist in this film.
They can, but vocals doesn't just mean big stage vocals belting to the back of a theatre. There are a couple of interviews with Samantha Barks where she talks about how different it is singing on camera to singing on stage and how much more subtle and detailed you can be. I'll try and find them, but they're on Youtube somewhere and I think they explain perfectly why anyone who's going in to see this expecting that it'll sound like the stage show is setting themselves up for a fall. It's not supposed to sound the same, the stage show is only one half of the source material for this movie.

Sorry, American's didn't exactly love this movie. It made about 18 million in America opening day and was behind 2 other movies. The complaint appears to be the fact they didn't use actors who could really do justice to singing the songs. It is a musical that was turned into a movie and the songs are an iconic part. Maybe the singing is just a personal preference, but movies here get one maybe 2 weekends to make back their money, if this doesn't do it, doesn't matter how good Anne acted, the movie will be considered a flop.
It's already recouped its not inconsiderable budget, it's not a flop.

And you're quoting selective stastics and ignoring the fact that it opened on Christmas Day and was up against the Hobbit, which is such a publicity machine that it was always going to beat whatever else opened in the same month as it.

"The complaint" is not a complaint voiced by everyone, I've read plenty of reviews that have praised Hathaway, Barks, Redmayne, Tveit and some that have also praised Jackman Seyfried, HBC and SBC. The most common problems people have had with it appear to be Crowe and the close-up camera work, but don't generalise that into a broad statement that America didn't love the movie, because plenty of people have and there have been lots of reports of packed cinemas.

It's not a musical turned into a movie, it's a movie based on Victor Hugo's novel Les Miserables which incorporates the score to the stage production that is itself based on the novel. Just like Chicago, Mamma Mia etc it's not a carbon copy of the stage show and was never going to be.
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