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I had to queue to watch the film on Christmas Day in Las Vegas - and the second show was sold out. It was the biggest ever Xmas Day opener so really not sure what makes you think the yanks don't love it.
It was expected to take $12M on opening day and smashed that so again not sure where your info comes from.
Reviews, box office and general interest in it seemed pretty huge! Its going to be a monster movie
Have seen it twice now and loved it - my only slight criticism is that I think Cosette is just a bit Disney for my liking - a bit high pitched and girlie - but its nit picking!
BIB: Yeah I think Amanda is the weakest of the younger cast. But the adult Cosette character has always been a bit meh for me, and totally outshone by Eponine, both in the movie and in the stage production.

I thought Samantha Barks is fantastic. I know she is a veteran Eponine from West End but I'm really impressed by her acting in the movie.
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