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Threads is a truly harrowing film. Captures the effects of a nuclear attack and the fallout that follows far more than any Hollywood film ever could. One of the few times I have ever felt grim after watching a picture.
I remember watching it and felt exactly the same way.

The film Society (1989) was very sick and disturbing. These days the effects do look a bit lame but the horror of the story and what the people do to those not in 'society' is really sick.

This film takes incest and cannibalism to a whole different level.

I watched it when I was 12 and it freaked me out - it's maybe not that scary as an adult, but if you watch it alone or unprepared then it will certainly freak you out.

On the plus side it stars a young Billy Warlock - who I think was a bit of a dish
This was the film I was going to say too. Watching a man's head come out of his derriere will remain (unfortunately) imprinted on my brain forever
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