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No, 'failure to deliver' is more down to the context and perspective you look at something I'd say. Especially when it comes to anything artistic.

If we were talking about a bricklayer, then yes it would be a simple case of obligation (they'd have to lay x amount of bricks to fulfil their purpose).
The OP made in clear in the post; hype should equate to awards. So in effect your bricklayer analogy is not that far off the mark from the OP's point of view, which is why it is totally ridiculous.

But for something as abstract/open to analysis as film-acting/performing arts, etc, there's nothing wrong in taking the view a performer could have achieved more (artistically/critically) and therefore failed - for whatever reason, whether intentional or otherwise.
It is however naive to place expectations on an actor's choices/performances based on the falsehood that is Hollywood hype, more so if those expectations go on to affect the analysis of their choices/performance.
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