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Amy Leigh Hickman is on CBBC right now (alongside Ian and Hacker). She says there will be a small explosion on Friday's double episode. Sounds interesting!

Back to back episodes of TBR are being shown before TDG starts.

Also, the ages of all the children may make of interesting reading. These are the ones I know.

Daniel Pearson (who plays Rick) is 16.
Joe Maw (who plays Johnny) is 15.
Jessica Revell (who plays Elektra) is 18.
Jessie Williams (who plays Lily) is 13.
Amy-Leigh Hickman (who plays Carmen) is 15
Mia McKenna-Bruce (who plays Tee) is 15.
Noah Marullo (who plays Gus) is 13.

Not sure about the others.
I think the actor who plays Harry is 7 or 8 years old. (Not too far from his character's age). The whole cast of TBR are on twitter (aside from Saffron Coomber).
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