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I got it for my iphone and it was bloody brilliant considering i hate controls usually on the iphone but this game worked perfectly.

Are the graphics Better on the PS3? Cause if it gets a disc release here then i might get it for the ps3.
They say the iPhone conversion was excellent and retains everything from the console versions (hence graphics are practically identical). Even between the different console versions and the PC one they say there is very little difference in visuals and performance, PC one may be slightly better through supporting higher resolutions but all the reviews seem to indicate there is nothing in it. Also I think the controls work particularly well with a gamepad as it makes aiming shots and attacks just challenging enough where as a mouse would make them too easy IMHO.

I got it for the 360, I got the first episode for free and 2-5 for 200 msp each, real bargain for what is a truly amazing game. I have always loved adventure games and wished I could have more control over the story and better connections with characters, that this game provides. Played through two separate games from start to finish but then went back using the (clever) rewind feature to try out even more possibilities and considering even having a third play through to see what other ways I can influence the story in the choices I make and by helping different characters.
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