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True and I hope things stay that way. Except maybe a bit less on Lily but everyone gets their fair share like before. I'm hoping they'll do central episodes for Gus, Rick and Tyler.

Also on the third series of TBR, I thought they missed an oppourtnity with Kitty, we could have learned more about her and her past abuse.

They have Jody Jackson who was abused. We know that she was often held underwater and that she was showing signs of sexual abuse, when she got frightened by the sound of breathing and slept under the table or under her bed.
Her first episode was one of the most harrowing I can remember, especially when Mike and Tracy took away from her home.
Sapphire would be nearly 18 so too old for the Dumping Ground and maybe at art school. Elecktra and Rick are likely to be the ones in charge now. I hope Melaine is back because she is a played by the daughter of Robert Glenister and Amanda Redman...
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