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When Tracy went round the rooms before she left, Jody was sleeping under her bed, clinging to the biscuit jar...Nothing was said but it was there. When she was found sleeping under the table she said she often slept under tables, it made her feel safe. You can see that Gina realises what Jody is telling her when she and Carmen find her....There is also the symbolism of snakes and monsters. In a tv film called No Child Of Mine, about a teenage victim of sexual abuse...Kerry would often be seen sleeping on the floor or in the corner rather than on the bed, where she was abused...The subject is very subtly being brought up but it this there so older viewer will understand it. The original Tracy Becker series did not refer to the fact that Tracy had often been beaten by her mother's boyfriends or when in foster care, which was in the book. There was also something about Millie the mute girl in the original series, a reason why she didn't talk. They also hinted that Roxy may have an eating disorder developing, when she was stuffing herself with chocolate when upset.
Thing is, the older series was aimed at the younger 6-12 demographic so they weren't too specific with particular themes as with TBR.
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