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Thing is, the older series was aimed at the younger 6-12 demographic so they weren't too specific with particular themes as with TBR.
I know....It think with this series they seem to explore more of the issues around why people in care...In the original series we knew mostly about Tracy, Justine, Crash and Jackie.
However they have shown us Carmen who's mother abandons her and makes false promises (like Tracy's), Liam lived in care all his life, Johnny was beaten up by a step father, which makes him controlling over Tea, Toby lost his parents and foster parents, Elecktra was in a gang and is loathed by her mother, Tyler wet the bed because of his mother and had one birthday card etc....It is edgier and also made a point about government cuts and bad care homes and care workers, such as Burnywood.....And they have no Elaine the Pain...They had Liam and Frank who seemed have watched too many episodes of Hustle.. Their food is much healthier, Duke seems to give them burgers, fish fingers and chips..Now they have salads and curries.
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