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From Wiki:

On 2 January 2009 she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. .... On 16 January, Malone was the second person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House.[10] When she dressed up as Juliet for a Romeo and Juliet play Michelle Heaton told her she looked like the princess out of Shrek, afterwards claiming to have been referring to the style of dress. Coolio realising that she had meant that Tina looked like an ogress, laughed and tried to get Michelle in trouble. Tina had not seen the film, so didn't know what the princess looked like, and was unfazed when the incident was explained to her. She later told Davina McCall during her eviction interview that she thought Michelle was saying she looked like Cameron Diaz who was the voice of the character. On the 24th May 2012 was declared bankrupt by Manchester Civil Justic Centre.

BIB Confirms my post #9 about being delusional!

So, if she's bankrupt who's paying for this IVF?
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