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There is also "Beg, Borrow or Steal" and that is the funniest episode ever because Tee was doing this funky crazy dance and she doesn't usually act like that.

By the way, Jessica Revell who plays Elektra was in the CBBC studio today. She didn't have the blue hair, and she just turned 18 last month. I would have thought she'd by younger than me, but anyway, when The Dumping Ground airs, I could say that she's same age as me because she was 17 when she filmed it.

So it's tomorrow that The Dumping Ground airs.
BIB - I know. I watched all three last year. I love when Tee dances to rubbish music! I also love how Sapphire immediately says no when liam and Frank enter her room while asking her if they can borrow music which leads to her throwing a pillow at them!

Jess said that she adds the blue hair when filming. I really can't wait for tomorrow!
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