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guernseysnail you are right bang on there

Actually if you recall that series 'Chaos at the Castle' where a couple bought a chateau in France and were made to look like bumbling incompetents...he was actually a lawyer in his previous life and we emailed them (they were in a different region to us) to talk about one of the offers we had had and he said that in his case he had knowledge of the law and had actually rewritten much of the contract they had signed with Channel 4 to protect themselves. The small print could have finished them off. He had his head screwed on properly. One other couple in another area, he told us they got no real trade from the TV exposure, just a lot of phone calls from folk back in the UK asking about how to move to France. I think these people have to be aware of the editing thing, the Happy Donkey Lady took a real hit from that
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