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He's as far from photogentic as you can get (very shallow, but important if you are on telly whether we like it or not), has one of the most annoying voices in the world, as is yet another irritating "cheeky chappy" type who aren't exactly in short supply.

I just saw a trailer for that new Fake Reaction show and it looks like yet more unwatchable "reality" rubbish but the choice of Joe Swash as the "face" of it baffles me beyond belief.

I can't get over him winning I'm A Celeb. A nice guy he might be (I assume people found him likeable to keep him in that show) but it should take more than that for someone to be able to get a TV career. He always looks like he needs a shower.
Absolutely agree with all of this. I still have no idea how he won IACGMOOH, as he came across (IMO) as an unwashed, inappropriate creep. Esther Rantzen had to tell him to keep his hands to himself more than once.

His voice is awful, yes, but his inability to read off an autocue even worse.

I cannot understand how he gets work.
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