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33 is not young...

My dad was 51 when I was born and 54 when my sister came along, lived until he was 79 so we had him around well into our adulthood. I have to say nobody ever mistook him for our grandfather, no kids ever teased us about having an 'old' dad...I fail to see how anyone can regret their parent's age when it is something you grow up with and see as normal from the beginning. My husband is 52 and our kids are aged 6 and ten, nothing is ever said to them about that and they'd say so if there was. So many grandparents collect their grandchildren from school and care for them these days that they don't stand out as looking out of the norm among the mums and dads. I cannot see where kids notice 'age' as such in adults...unless dad looks like Steptoe
35 counts as 'elderly primigravida' or an older woman who has a first pregnancy. My mother may not have been 35, but she was getting there. She was also of the generation who were in the forces during WW2, so her outlook on life was of the more old fashioned kind. My grandmother was born in 1890, so my sister and I are only one generation removed from the Victorians.

You have an older husband - so do I. My OH is 68 and I'm 57, I had my first child at 19, when my husband had just turned 30 and another when I was 24 and he was 35. My daughter is 38 and having her first child next month, but her outlook on life will be vastly different from my own mother's.

Times change and 52 today isn't like 52 forty or fifty years ago. My sister's viewpoint is hers alone - she didn't like having older parents. My parents barely reached their early 70's. My dad died from complications from a burst stomach ulcer and he had Alzheimer's as well. 4 months after his death, my mum died from cancer. As you can imagine, this was devastating for my sister and I.

Back on the topic of Malone's IVF. It's not a good idea to have children late in life, as others have stated here women have a menopause for a reason - their eggs become of poorer quality and complaints like Down's become more common in older mums. If TM has OCD, bipolar and she's neurotic and self obsessed, she's not ideal mother material, quite apart from her age.
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