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I think we can safely assume that most if not all of the DLT editions of Top of the Pops will be shown this year; they were supposedly just suspended whilst police enquiries were taking place (even if they really didn't need to do this), therefore regardless of the outcome they should be back on air later this year.

The same also applies to Savile, but whether the BBC will pluck up the courage to show them remains to be seen, even if there's theoretically nothing to stop them doing so. (As a very dead presenter, he's no longer a danger to anyone and it's not a condonation of what he did elsewhere at the time.)
I don't think the BBC will ever show Jimmy Saville, not for a few years at least till all this has died down and the investigation is finished, and even then I can't see them showing his editions, maybe xmas specials that he featured in. It's a shame because, despite what he did, I still miss seeing him present TOTP, he was a good presenter.
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