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January sucks, it's dark, miserable and you've spent all your money on plastic stuff you'll never play with. But smile through the pain, the snotty noses and the rain. Give it some bass and some rock guitars and ditch you're life's half empty glass - let's kick this up it's great big hairy bum.

You can't afford a takeaway!?!? It's hydrogen till payday, let's focus on the things that make life fun! Pretty boybands, silly puns, funny cats and 2 for 1's and let's kick January where there ain't no sun,

Sing January's dodgy, you're feeling skint and podgy so smile and watch the months whizz past. Forget the bills and hips that kills and let's just have a laugh 'cos together we're gonna kick Januareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's bottom!
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